Americo Alves

Américo Alves

Lisbon, Portugal

"The Global Virtual Design Sprint is a fantastic event!"

GVDS is a virtual event with an energetic atmosphere where I had the opportunity to learn, help my teams to reach a common goal and collaborate in the design of new approaches for the community based on design thinking, design sprint and pretotyping. Three months later, I'm still collaborating with one of my teams and we're close to having our concept solution incubated by UEFA or UNESCO.

Whether you're a newbie or a master in virtual facilitation and design sprints, this is an event where you literally learn by doing together with worldwide references from research, design, innovation and facilitation.

If you're already a master, it will elevate your presence to global scale. If you're a newbie, you will build your own skills and portfolio. In any circumstance this is an event where you only can grow.